Creatures of Habitat

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Creatures of Habitat: A Main Street Rag Anthology, Edited by Alice Osborn (Main Street Rag Publishing, 2015) $14.95 ISBN: 978-1-59948-513-3

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Home is where we love, fight, and endure each other. Where we renovate or tear down—who doesn’t wish we could switch out our life as quickly as we can repaint our walls? Our home can be our largest investment and our biggest mistake. Our home can haunt us. Many times what happens inside is vastly different from what the outside world sees. As you will find in the details of these diverse stories, poems and essays from these talented authors all around the country, home is one of the most universal elements of storytelling. There’s the longing for home from someone who doesn’t have one, to the boundaries of protecting one’s home and property from outside forces, to the loss and loneliness of leaving our home or having our children leaving us.


Absorb and connect with these authors and their diverse voices. Welcome the memorable characters and their driveways, gardens, porches, attics and kitchens into your space. After all, home is who we are because everyone has to live somewhere.