After the Steaming Stops

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Order Alice’s new book, After the Steaming Stops (Main Street Rag Publishing Company)
ISBN: 978-1-59948-353-5


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“This is a book crammed with images, explicit descriptions, characters and emotions. It needs to be read.”—Sara Claytor

“Alice Osborn’s After the Steaming Stops is a provocative family invocation—at once precisely journalistic and richly imagined. Nothing goes unnoticed. Osborn’s eye, and what it falls upon, is her enduring story, leavened with unflinching candor. These poems are wonderfully narrative, and cannily crafted, luring the reader in with their easy inviting gait. Yet beneath each tidy surface, trouble roils—trouble Osborn does not turn away from in language deceptive in its declarative set-up, and deadly in its ultimate knockout. These poems never stop steaming.”
—Joseph Bathanti



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